Amazon Tarnishes “Sterling’s Gold”

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Things That Are Real of the Day: Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man, the book of pearls (and choice Bert Cooper anecdotes *wink-wink*) authored by Mad Men Roger Sterling during the fourth season of AMC’s award-winning show, is real, and available for pre-order via Amazon.

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Does the cover really look this terrible?

Nah—at least, none of that headshot-and-Helvetica crap. It was featured this season in Episode 11, “Chinese Wall”. Here’s a screencap:

Given Roger’s stated distaste for the Stockholm Style (Episode 1, “Public Relations”: “I feel like with my hair you can’t even see me in here”) he’d be rolling in his (presumed) grave to see that crap slipped onto his masterpiece— especially as an embarrassing attempt to drum up sales.