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WordPress “About The Author” Without Plugins

While I love that WordPress has a huge developer community, a lot of plug-ins are overkill. WP does a great job of packaging CMS features into its core functions, meaning that a ton of awesome content is available, usually in a single line of code.

Let’s take the “about the author” boxes, popular on professional and non-anonymous blogs. A default install of WordPress 3.x already has a system for keeping track of user data (it’s under “Users” in the left-hand column on the Dashboard), and a function (get_the_author_meta) to call up that data at any point in any template. read more>>

Advice on Contacting Me by Phone: Don’t

I’m not sure to whom this post would be best addressed. Baby-boomers? Recruiters? Sales teams? All of the above?

Since you’re calling me, let’s assume you have a landline. When I was a kid my parents had a landline, and 95-99% of the calls that came in were obnoxious wastes of time. It got so bad that Congress had to pass legislation protecting people from the steady, inane barrage.

Though I’m sure your phone call is different, special, and important, it’s still an unknown number, and it’s still proposing an immediate, intrusive interaction between us. read more>>

Scratching “From Scratch”

From openings I’ve seen and interviews I’ve been to, there seems to be something of a fixation on coding things “from scratch”.

It’s as if hiring managers had stumbled across a WYSIWYG one day, realized that *gasp* applicants might not have written all the code in a website themselves, and issued a dictum that all future candidates for positions must be able to code things “from scratch”.

Ignoring the fact that WYSIWYGs seldom deliver decent (or even passable) results in real-world use, I think the line of questioning is ultimately self-defeating. read more>>

A Complete List of Code I Didn’t Write

I recently updated my official online presence, and rather than toss attribution about willy-nilly, I figured I’d make a blog post to acknowledge the few bits of code that I didn’t write from scratch.

Of course, “from scratch” can be a slippery term as far as websites go, so I drew the line at any code on, or that helps generate, the index page at that isn’t 1) a documented library function in a default installation of an established programming language, or 2) that I didn’t write from a blank file in a text editor.

read more>>

Death to the WYSIWYG

I understand the intentions behind it. It was meant to be an engine of liberation, empowering a proletariat of print editors and writers bred on—or at least not terrified of—word processing software to quickly and easily deploy their skills on the World Wide Web. It was meant to free designers and developers friendly with HTML to pursue other, more pressing and complicated tasks.

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