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Redirecting * Pages to your Blog

I’ve talked before about my much-diminished stoke for Tumblr as a platform. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who sees things this way, and a lot of great tools exist to help you migrate your setup to WordPress. There’s a built-in tool that pulls in your Tumblr blog into a WP install more-or-less intact, and […]

Still working on the theme a bit. Report all cross-browser incompatibilities to me immediately. 

New Blog, New Post

Didn’t go so well?

Chrome isn’t fully supported by Kindle Blog Publishing?! This is the sort of crap I’d ex

fek: natashavc: I can’t wait for the perpetual adolescent streak in bloggers to get cliche. It canno

staff: The “Ask” button is now included in the action menu! We are getting closer to comments. Excep

staff: The “Ask” button is now included in the action menu! We are getting closer to comments. Except you won’t call them comments. There will be a checkbox in your preferences that says “Display Asks?”

dealbreaker: Hey Everyone, We are going to be writing a book! Here’s the official announcement, from

Sad news.

bonerparty: there’ll be no Boner Party book :( at least for a while. it appears i hired the wrong people to shop it around. these things happen. so in order to gain some interest back in the project and actually get a good deal … thinking about putting the whole propsosal online for free, all […]

Ten Reasons Your Blog Sucks

(Preamble: taking this list to heart would be reason #11) Your URL is [blog name] Your URL is [blog name] Your URL is [blog name] You don’t cite sources You don’t have clickthroughs to your sources You upload line drawings as JPGs You upload photos as PNGs You reblog The Daily What (hint: we’ve already seen it) […]

Just in case you were curious. And yes, it is better than this one. Not just because it’s not on Tumblr, either.

Yeah, I do have a better blog