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A Complete List of Code I Didn’t Write

I recently updated my official online presence, and rather than toss attribution about willy-nilly, I figured I’d make a blog post to acknowledge the few bits of code that I didn’t write from scratch. Of course, “from scratch” can be a slippery term as far as websites go, so I drew the line at any […]


  Viewed the source code of a Google Docs-generated HTML spreadsheet today. I was expecting to find a nice, simple table. I got nuked by a massive, nasty-looking, single-line stylesheet. (to be fair, the actual table code below this is decently clean.)

All 50 States and Postal Codes in a PHP Array

A PHP array of all fifty US states and postal abbreviations, submitted with the hope that humanity never has to go through that again. Outlying islands and military codes are commented out at the bottom. $statesPostal = array( “AL” => “Alabama”, “AK” => “Alaska”, “AZ” => “Arizona”, “AR” => “Arkansas”, “CA” => “California”, “CO” => […]

Don’t worry, JRK—no-talent wannabes such as my self would fill the coder gap until a new gener