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Almost certainly less than what I consume. I imagine that number will drop somewhat in the near future, but I could be wrong. I’m also interested to see how the Internet will get around this. Storing each paper as a huge PDF and torrenting/rapidsharing seems like it would be time-prohibitive, given the daily updates, plus breaking events and interactive stuff would be more difficult to obtain.  Hacked reader apps? Stolen passwords and logins? Backdoor URLs? Scraper sites? Some combination of the above? It’s a brave new world out there, people.

20 Articles a Month is Actually Quite Generous

In case you hadn’t heard, I’m an expert.

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Amazon Tarnishes “Sterling’s Gold”

lifeaquatic: bigbowlofsoup: thedailywhat:  Things That Are Real of the Day: Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man, the book of pearls (and choice Bert Cooper anecdotes *wink-wink*) authored by Mad Men Roger Sterling during the fourth season of AMC’s award-winning show, is real, and available for pre-order via Amazon. [thanks drew!] YES! Does […]

Good gravy. I know USA Today’s graphics have long been the subject of derision, but even for M

Good gravy. I know USA Today’s graphics have long been the subject of derision, but even for McPaper, this clip from today’s front page is painful. It’s tough to tell based on resolution/lossiness, but it looks like they just chopped a crescent wrench out of a stock photo, threw it over a low-detail vector LCD […]

soupsoup: The original (and accurate!) headline made it to print! (hat tip to @ckanal and @bbosker)

(No, seriously.) In other news, archivists discovered documents from early in John D. Rockefeller’s career saying the most immediate business goal of Standard Oil was to generate more whaling expeditions. (via telltaler)

The most immediate business goal of all Condé Nast websites is to generate print subscriptions.

peterandwendy: tanya77: Seen @ Urban Outfitters: Books from the Internet Blog-to-book is the new bre

(via youmightfindyourself) ROTFL: Publishers wallowing in the heady pornography of success while sim

johnnyklister: This is a photo of a major newspaper correspondent hard at work at the cross country