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Advice on Contacting Me by Phone: Don’t

I’m not sure to whom this post would be best addressed. Baby-boomers? Recruiters? Sales teams? All of the above? Since you’re calling me, let’s assume you have a landline. When I was a kid my parents had a landline, and 95-99% of the calls that came in were obnoxious wastes of time. It got so […]

A recent email. If the author had been auditioning, I would have stood up and said “Thanks—seen enough. We’ll let you know.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are aware that we live in a brand-new world of mobile apps.

Inbox Zero

Even if it’s just my work inbox, I’m savoring it while I can. It’s worth a Nerd Merit Badge, after all.

How to Pitch PR to a Blogger Over Email

In my alternate life, I receive emails from PR and marketing firms who want me to write about their products/host their ads on a fairly regular basis. According to their email signatures, these people are professionally employed in the field but, by and large, they’re lousy at what they do. If you’re a company or just someone […]

GPOYW – Incongruous work request via email begin early edition.

(via soupsoup) Cool! You should read and click-through. My thoughts: Can’t kill Gmail—people like it too much and no one trusts Facebook Can create popular (read: “dumbed down”) competitor to make Gmail more awesome Will almost certain kill Hotmail (thank you!) Will put AOL and Yahoo on notice. But will you have to go through the Facebook platform to use it? Henry Blodgett is really a well-meaning buffoon who lucked into fame and fortune. Still, I’m glad he lost only most of the latter and none of the former in the dot-com crash.

Facebook’s Plan to Build a Real Email System and Attack Gmail Is Brilliant

To Better Know a Bostonian

lawful: catherine-eliza: hey babe! icawood:derbygirl:misfittoys: Welcome to Bawstin     (  Boston ) For those of you who have never been to ‘Bawstin’,  this is a good guideline. I hope you will consider coming to ‘Beantown’ in the near future. [ed note: no one here calls it “Beantown”] [obvious email forward continues] ..Roxbury is The […]

alexbalk: Here’s the thing: I am going to TRY MY HARDEST to stay the hell off the Internet for the n


CC-ing people on an email thread w/an attached, track changes Word Doc is like putting a toaster full of gasoline into a microwave.

Unread Messages in Inbox

Personal Inbox: Zero unread. Across 3 accounts. Work Inbox: 1865 unread. There may be larger issues at play here. I’m just gonna say they’re beyond the scope of this post. (continuation of lifeaquatic:choire)