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Scratching “From Scratch”

From openings I’ve seen and interviews I’ve been to, there seems to be something of a fixation on coding things “from scratch”. It’s as if hiring managers had stumbled across a WYSIWYG one day, realized that *gasp* applicants might not have written all the code in a website themselves, and issued a dictum that all […]

The New Poor – The Economy Shifts, Leaving Some Behind –
Record label/music PR is probably “never coming back in style”, huh?  (via gainfulunemployment)
I’m more struck by this line: “Or perhaps the paper her résumé is printed on is not nice enough” I think sending a meatspace resume at all—let alone wondering whether the dead trees on which it’s printed have been processed using the appropriate methods—is a far worse indicator for one’s re-employment than an attachment to any particular industry.

Millions of workers who have already been unemployed for months, if not years, will most likely remain that way even as the overall job market continues to improve, economists say. The occupations they worked in, and the skills they currently possess, are never coming back in style.

(via david) Hmm. OK, we get the gag; it’s Clients From Hell, except the Client is Your Boss! Who’s a jerk! Who makes you do jerky things! It’s just that, at a time when nearly 17 percent of the U.S. labor force can’t find full time (or any!) work; when the unemployment rate among…
Excuse me, Mr./Ms./Dr. Newsweek Tumblr intern who likely-but-not-necessarily has little real-world job experience, but I think you’re wrong about this. In these trying and extremely overshared economic times, it’s nice to have a platform from which one can safely and anonymously rant about the troubles of one’s job. While many, if not most, of the complaints on this site are trivial and could likely be solved by/are the fault of the complainer, in some offices, even a calm, rational, and well-balanced complaint could get you fired. No one should have to be thankful for a menial, abusive, dead-end or otherwise-intolerable work environment just because they have mouths to feed and rent to pay in a shitty economic situation. Be sure to thank your supervisors for providing you with a work environment where this notion would never occur to you.

Newsweek: Please Fire Me