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Skewed projection is skewed.

Roger Hilsop If the spam is recognizable “from a mile away”, it shouldn’t be too big a lift to sift it out then, right? Or is the real problem here here that link farms bringing in fat stacks of cash through Google AdSense are too profitable for the search engine giant to cull from the herd?

One commentator opined that Google still works, it’s never been perfect, and you can spot the spam links a mile away, so stop whining. True. The problem comes when the whole first, second and third page are spam links.

I am suspicious of Explorer being suspicious of Google.


Doesn’t fix everything, apparently.

Mapping the backspace key to the browser’s “Back” button has got to be one of the worst decisions in the history of software. While it’s easy to fix in Firefox, things are a bit trickier in Chrome. This BackspaceMeansBackspace plug-in takes care of things nicely.   Somewhat ironically, it’s also very hard to find this plugin with a Google Search—making this one of the few instances where Facebook’s link recommendation system might actually be helpful for users who know what they are doing. Now—can anyone find a solution in Safari?

Disable Backspace/Back Function on Google Chrome

Oh Facebook. Your success is becoming a monument to irrelevance technical inferiority. [related]

Fred Vogelstein, “Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet—and Keep Google Out”, Wired.

And privately, they don’t think Facebook’s staff has the brainpower to succeed where they have failed. “If they found a way to monetize all of a sudden, sure, that would be a problem,” says one highly placed Google executive. “But they’re not going to.

abudak: The Google Buzz presenter right now is trying so hard to be Steve Jobs, but is lacking both

Get. Out. Maybe this is the real reason desktop OS producer Apple keeps their mobile devices chained to the slowest provider they can find.

Wait, wait—the company trying to build a web-based operating system thinks the Internet needs to be faster?

Google threatened late Tuesday to pull out of its operations in China after it said it had uncovered a massive cyber attack on its computers that originated there. As a result, the company said, it would no longer agree to censor its search engine in China and may exit the country altogether.
Frickin’ mayhem. Haiti Conan Internet war Going to bed. Things better be normal by the time I wake up.

Google, Citing Cyber Attack, Threatens to Exit China