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Let’s Bring faux-column to CSS

If you’ve ever built anything from the ground up with HTML/CSS you know the issue: <div> only expands vertically to fit its contents. Put some of those <div> tags side by side to make columns and chances are, they’ll end up hanging awkwardly above where you want them to be. The cannonical fix is the […]

Death to the WYSIWYG

I understand the intentions behind it. It was meant to be an engine of liberation, empowering a proletariat of print editors and writers bred on—or at least not terrified of—word processing software to quickly and easily deploy their skills on the World Wide Web. It was meant to free designers and developers friendly with HTML […]


  Viewed the source code of a Google Docs-generated HTML spreadsheet today. I was expecting to find a nice, simple table. I got nuked by a massive, nasty-looking, single-line stylesheet. (to be fair, the actual table code below this is decently clean.)

soupsoup: Joseph Andrew Stack Revised His Death Letter 27 Times Before Settling On The Final Draft R

4 Tumblr SEO Tips

soupsoup: jauderho: […] Fortunately, Tumblr provides the ability to modify the html as well as custom formatting tags. The following tips should help improve a site’s ranking by providing search engines with additional information. Modify the <title> tag to reflect post title and summary: By putting the post summary first, it makes it more likely […]

Online Business Development

greenfog: co-worker 1: Is there a simple HTML design tool freely available, one that quickly lets you create a web page? co-worker 2: Yes – <html><body> put your stuff here. </body></html> That will be $500 please So true. Sadly, that technical leap is a bridge too far for >90% of the business world. The real […]

How long have they been doing this? Seems awfully cheeky, even if it is commented out. I suppose the

content=”Futura, Georgia, Helvetica, Arial, serif”

From the stylesheet of a friend’s Tumblr page. For the the uninitiated, this line of code specifies what fonts to use in displaying website text. The visitor’s browser works from left to right, and displays the first font on the list that it has installed. The idea is to give designers some leeway on specifying […]