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What is this I don’t even

Almost certainly less than what I consume. I imagine that number will drop somewhat in the near future, but I could be wrong. I’m also interested to see how the Internet will get around this. Storing each paper as a huge PDF and torrenting/rapidsharing seems like it would be time-prohibitive, given the daily updates, plus breaking events and interactive stuff would be more difficult to obtain.  Hacked reader apps? Stolen passwords and logins? Backdoor URLs? Scraper sites? Some combination of the above? It’s a brave new world out there, people.

20 Articles a Month is Actually Quite Generous

merlin: Personal Blocklist (by Google) – Chrome Web Store Hello, Google. I may just love you again.


For all the talk that smartphones and tablets are the devices of the future, all I can think about while using them is how much I’d rather be on a real computer.

I am suspicious of Explorer being suspicious of Google.

¿Que? (my first Massachusetts Jury summons in a decade. Their webpage is not a model of excellence.)

Christmas Mass Live-Tweet 2010

(via the useful if not particularly pretty List of Tweets) * Trying to figure out a way to livetweet the Christmas Eve mass without my mother noticing.Fri Dec 24 20:02:19 +0000 2010 from Cosmo Catalano( * After a rushed exit, arrived at St. Pat’s. Knave at 15% capacity. Mass begins at 4:30, but mom’s paranoid about not getting […]

Your Watermarked Digital Photo is Embarassing

As a fellow content creator, I understand the desire to protect your work on-line. I, too, have been the occasional victim of plagiarism. But I’ve never put much stake in the effectiveness of watermarking. First off—and please don’t get cranky about this—I don’t think most online photography “businesses” are a very good idea. Being somewhere […]

The Blogger’s Business Model, c. 2009

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