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A Complete List of Code I Didn’t Write

I recently updated my official online presence, and rather than toss attribution about willy-nilly, I figured I’d make a blog post to acknowledge the few bits of code that I didn’t write from scratch. Of course, “from scratch” can be a slippery term as far as websites go, so I drew the line at any […]

Hiding Tumblr Comments/Notes with JQuery

It’s not that I don’t like comments and notes. But they can be very, very ugly. And they can turn a short post into a long one, and a long post into an unreadable monstrosity.  So I decided to do some quick toggle work using JQuery, which this theme already uses to generate its tag […]

mattmcinerney: This is a simple dynamic graphic I coded using Simplepie and Processing.js to visuall

JavaScript Broken Image Fix

You may or may not have heard, but the one-click install for WordPress 2.8 destroyed the entirety of the files on the webserver that hosts Cyclocosm. Text, comments, formatting were all preserved in databases, but everything was wiped clean off the Earth. The lesson here is to backup—which I had done fairly recently, so all […]