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Advice on Contacting Me by Phone: Don’t

I’m not sure to whom this post would be best addressed. Baby-boomers? Recruiters? Sales teams? All of the above? Since you’re calling me, let’s assume you have a landline. When I was a kid my parents had a landline, and 95-99% of the calls that came in were obnoxious wastes of time. It got so […]

I made this during the time that would have been otherwise wasted watching DFP fail to operate prope

Complete Double-Laptop! What does it mean?

(it means my Parallels license hasn’t come through yet.)

So, you’re ViewSonic, and you’re “The Display Technology Company”, and your

GPOYW: Back-to-Work Edition

I just want to make charts.

Will Reblogging Work Better Then Emailing?

meaghano: juliefredrickson: I have found that sometimes @Tweeting someone you need to reach is more effective than email. I am wondering if Reblogging will work in a similar manner. I have been trying to get a response from Meaghan via email since last Wednesday to no avail regarding a corporate Tumblr. I even went to […]’s blog, citing a study by Accenture (via saveitforthejudge)
A day job is kind of like having a company tie your shoelaces together and ask you to run. Ignoring the IT policy is like loosening the knots.

A staggering 60% of Millennials surveyed don’t abide by corporate IT policies, often because they’re unaware of their existence or find them too complicated and restrictive.

greenfog: there’s a big gap right at boston. now wouldn’t that just be funny if the snowstorm hit ju

greenfog: there’s a big gap right at boston. now wouldn’t that just be funny if the snowstorm hit just AROUND the city  hehe Seriously, though. Predictions are for 3-5 inches. That’s pathetic. Also, my office decided to close at 11am today. They made this decision around 9am. Which makes my arrival at 10am pretty fucking […]

Things That I Would Say If I Were Don Draper

“I don’t understand why we’re doing this.” [reply containing reason why they’re doing it, which I’ll probably cut off] “Let me rephrase—I don’t understand why you think it’s important that we do this.”