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WordPress “About The Author” Without Plugins

While I love that WordPress has a huge developer community, a lot of plug-ins are overkill. WP does a great job of packaging CMS features into its core functions, meaning that a ton of awesome content is available, usually in a single line of code. Let’s take the “about the author” boxes, popular on professional […]

A Complete List of Code I Didn’t Write

I recently updated my official online presence, and rather than toss attribution about willy-nilly, I figured I’d make a blog post to acknowledge the few bits of code that I didn’t write from scratch. Of course, “from scratch” can be a slippery term as far as websites go, so I drew the line at any […]

Nobody Codes in Multiple Choice

I was recently referred to an online testing site to demonstrate my “skill” at PHP. I did well enough—any potential test-takers for the PHP 5.3 test can find a good primmer here—but the test really highlighted something that I think a lot of people misunderstand about programming: it is, at its heart, a creative […]

All 50 States and Postal Codes in a PHP Array

A PHP array of all fifty US states and postal abbreviations, submitted with the hope that humanity never has to go through that again. Outlying islands and military codes are commented out at the bottom. $statesPostal = array( “AL” => “Alabama”, “AK” => “Alaska”, “AZ” => “Arizona”, “AR” => “Arkansas”, “CA” => “California”, “CO” => […]

Because there seemed to be some doubt about my ability to build web apps.

Twixcuse – Tweetable Excuses

This makes permalinks, by the way—just copy and paste the URL after you enter a name. 


Ah, the joys of inheriting a project. 

Ah, the joys of inheriting a project. 

ex-genius: WEB DEVELOPERS OF THE WORLD: All I want is an RSS aggregator that automatically replaces

I was Googling for a way to modify the links in the Meta section of a WordPress blog, and ran across my own forum answer from almost a year ago—and it answered my question. I’m pretty psyched about the fact that it’s still useful, and that two other people were like “Awesome! Thanks for the help.” Not as psyched that it didn’t help the guy who originally had questions about it, but it’s pretty clear he was over his head.

Whoa, meta

I am officially a developer now. Better learn to program, I guess.

Aww yeah