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The Year the Year-in-Review Clip Show Died

I find myself hoping 2014 is the swan song of algorithmically generated year-in-review mini-films on the various social networks. We’ve all seen Mad Men. We’ve all seen the Carousel/Facebook Timeline mashup. Nostalgia is powerful. Bond with the product. Etc. Yadda. But beyond the logo, these clip shows haven’t got a damn thing to do with the […]

Ke$ha’s Wikipedia page And I’m in love.
(via somuchsass) — I’m extremely skeptical that Sony’s “Official Artist Bio” (at the ever-reliable “”) counts as a Wikipedia source.  I’ll find out in a sec.

Kesha wanted Prince to produce her music, so she found and snuck into his Beverly Hills home. Once discovered, she was thrown out, but not before she left her demo with Prince who did not contact her afterwards. She also had the opportunity to sing background for Paris Hilton’s second single, which led to an […]