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merlin: Personal Blocklist (by Google) – Chrome Web Store Hello, Google. I may just love you again.

Roger Hilsop If the spam is recognizable “from a mile away”, it shouldn’t be too big a lift to sift it out then, right? Or is the real problem here here that link farms bringing in fat stacks of cash through Google AdSense are too profitable for the search engine giant to cull from the herd?

One commentator opined that Google still works, it’s never been perfect, and you can spot the spam links a mile away, so stop whining. True. The problem comes when the whole first, second and third page are spam links.

Election Day UI Gripe

There are 169 recognized voting municipalities in Connecticut, and 22 of them start with “W”—that means a lot of user time wasted scrolling through this enormous drop-down menu.  Setting up a separate search for town name isn’t too tough, but that would increase server load (and not be fun since it’d probably have to be […]

Tumblr search is the worst search in the history of search.

lifeaquatic: sorryyourheinous: (via purple-yam) I nominate OJs search for the real killer It’s true, it is terrible.  No, I assure you, there are worst searches. I could direct you to some but I don’t want to get fired.

(via tbeseda)

Speaking of Gardiner D53, I am now the top Google result. Boo yah.

alexbalk: Oh, what the hell, may as well embrace it: Suck it, amateur girl videos, my fuck steak bri