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Redirecting * Pages to your Blog

I’ve talked before about my much-diminished stoke for Tumblr as a platform. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who sees things this way, and a lot of great tools exist to help you migrate your setup to WordPress. There’s a built-in tool that pulls in your Tumblr blog into a WP install more-or-less intact, and […]

Awesome Website Redesign in Three Steps

Occasionally, someone solicits my advice for a website redesign, usually with something along the lines of “hey, Cosmo—what are some websites you like that we can imitate?” There are good intentions here, and there’s a time and a place for this sort of casual borrowing of ideas, but generally this is a bad way to […]

The Most Misleading URLs on the Internet

My distaste for the spammy, SEO-friendly pages of content farms is well-documented. But as far as misleading URL formation, instant-art photo site is as bad an offender as anyone. Some examples: Of course, it’s not all bad. Some of their addresses are shockingly appropriate: While we’re […]

Roger Hilsop If the spam is recognizable “from a mile away”, it shouldn’t be too big a lift to sift it out then, right? Or is the real problem here here that link farms bringing in fat stacks of cash through Google AdSense are too profitable for the search engine giant to cull from the herd?

One commentator opined that Google still works, it’s never been perfect, and you can spot the spam links a mile away, so stop whining. True. The problem comes when the whole first, second and third page are spam links.

Blog Change Soon

Made a new theme, and frankly, most of the content here is a liability.  Anyway, as of most likely sometime tonight, will be a different Tumblr, one that is much better-looking, where I’ll pretty much only talk about design and internet stuff. It will look different, and few, if any, of the old posts […]

4 Tumblr SEO Tips

soupsoup: jauderho: […] Fortunately, Tumblr provides the ability to modify the html as well as custom formatting tags. The following tips should help improve a site’s ranking by providing search engines with additional information. Modify the <title> tag to reflect post title and summary: By putting the post summary first, it makes it more likely […]

On the day the website launched..

clientsfromhell: Client: I just did a search for our restaurant on Google and it does not show up on the first page. There is a problem with the website. Note: Client chose not to pay for SEO services Yeah, that’s garbage—on the part of the designer. Charging extra for SEO in web design is pathetic—it’s […]

Speaking of Gardiner D53, I am now the top Google result. Boo yah.

What does your Google search say about you? (click image for full picture) My friend James forwarded

What does your Google search say about you? (click image for full picture) My friend James forwarded this to me. It’s pretty interesting, especially since I am always trying to rephrase my searches in the simplest possible way. Looks like to get more specific information—and to dodge the SEO spammers—it might be time for me […]