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cosmo – Tom Champion Remix

cosmo – Tom Champion Remix Tom Champion Somerville Snow Emergency Remix I made this a while ago, and just realized it should probably be in an easier spot to find on the Internet.

I was going through some old pictures a few days ago, and found this cell-phone shot I took of the

Rent vs. Income

Wrote a four-figure rent check for the first time ever today. Since I moved to Boston in 2006, my day job income has declined by $1,500. My rent has increased 74%. I didn’t take measurements at my earlier apartments, but it’s evident floor space has decreased dramatically as well. But to be honest, I’m enough […]

Thomas P. ChampionDirector of CommunicationsCity of

Of course it’s in the public domain. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. On the other hand, it’s clear your efforts will continue to entertain my colleagues here at city hall for the rest of the millennium. At my expense. So thank you, Cosmo. I may now be able to lay claim […]

No free transfer

When the MBTA rolled out its CharlieCard system, one of the most highly touted features was free transfers. No more double-charging the poor souls who live far enough from anywhere that they need a bus-rail or bus-bus connection to get to where they’re going. It turns out, though, that if you’re transferring from one bus […]

Tom Champion Somerville Snow Emergency Remix

Probably my most productive three hours of 2009 went into this. Those with a short attention span might want to start at 1:03. City Spokesman and local hero┬áTom Champion occasionally autodials all the numbers in the City of Somerville database to let citizens know that a snow emergency is going to be declared at some […]