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Advice on Contacting Me by Phone: Don’t

I’m not sure to whom this post would be best addressed. Baby-boomers? Recruiters? Sales teams? All of the above? Since you’re calling me, let’s assume you have a landline. When I was a kid my parents had a landline, and 95-99% of the calls that came in were obnoxious wastes of time. It got so […]

Spammers Get Topical

The Most Misleading URLs on the Internet

My distaste for the spammy, SEO-friendly pages of content farms is well-documented. But as far as misleading URL formation, instant-art photo site is as bad an offender as anyone. Some examples: Of course, it’s not all bad. Some of their addresses are shockingly appropriate: While we’re […]

Roger Hilsop If the spam is recognizable “from a mile away”, it shouldn’t be too big a lift to sift it out then, right? Or is the real problem here here that link farms bringing in fat stacks of cash through Google AdSense are too profitable for the search engine giant to cull from the herd?

One commentator opined that Google still works, it’s never been perfect, and you can spot the spam links a mile away, so stop whining. True. The problem comes when the whole first, second and third page are spam links.

Oh Facebook. Your success is becoming a monument to irrelevance technical inferiority. [related]

They see me trollin’ / they hatin’

Another day, another fake photos spam app. Facebook is such an awesome platform. Secure, too.

GoodReads is an Evil Site

If you got a Good Reads email from me, I apologize. Any site that defines “find contacts” as “aggressively recruit everyone who’s ever emailed you”, and sends out 900-address invites at a single burst without a “Whoa, there, killer” dialogue box or even a CAPTCHA is a poorly-coded invitation to spam bots, and something I […]

Hmm, “Photas”. Yes, this seems like a legitimate application. Not spam at all. The worst

Been a while since I’d gotten some good, solid Twitter spam.