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Redirecting * Pages to your Blog

I’ve talked before about my much-diminished stoke for Tumblr as a platform. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who sees things this way, and a lot of great tools exist to help you migrate your setup to WordPress. There’s a built-in tool that pulls in your Tumblr blog into a WP install more-or-less intact, and […]

Tumblr Kinda Sucks

After roughly a year’s hiatus, I have an official blog again. I’ve tried this before—twice, actually—but those Tumblrs just didn’t really work out. You see, the thing with Tumblr is…it kinda sucks. I’ll admit, it has seductive elements—the themes invariably look great, post formatting is easy, the cool kids use(d) it, there’s a whole social […]

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OMG income! But is lens flare really a business model? Possibly—it worked for JJ Abrams. Also of not

OMG income! But is lens flare really a business model? Possibly—it worked for JJ Abrams. Also of note: check out the source code for that “image”—it’s actually several images and a script, layered onto each other. Allows on/off following, easy sponsor swapping, and (probably) better scalability.

GPOYW: Back-to-Work Edition

Last funemployed GPOYW for a while, I’m afraid.

In the wake of The Great Tumblr-pocalypse, I want to point out that Tumblr’s had an OS X backup app available for over a year. And I’ve got to say, it’s pretty darn slick. Enter your login and password, select a blog, and it downloads all your posts, photos, and audio files into a tidy little folder on your desktop computer (or, if you’ve got a way to mount remote volumes on your desktop, a backup server). So easy a hipster could do it.  Reposting to another site if Tumblr is down becomes a little trickier—you’ll need to have webspace and a custom URL if you want to make your old links to remain live during the outage. Plus you’ll need a copy of your theme’s style sheet if you want everything to look the same, as the backups come with a minimized (though still pretty nice looking) set of default styles.  As far as I know, there’s no way to pull back post notes or submissions, but for the effort required, it’s still a robust and versatile solution.

Remember the Tumblr Back-up App?


The Blogger’s Business Model, c. 2009

GPOYW – No Pictures Please Edition.