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Redirecting * Pages to your Blog

I’ve talked before about my much-diminished stoke for Tumblr as a platform. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who sees things this way, and a lot of great tools exist to help you migrate your setup to WordPress. There’s a built-in tool that pulls in your Tumblr blog into a WP install more-or-less intact, and […]

WordPress “About The Author” Without Plugins

While I love that WordPress has a huge developer community, a lot of plug-ins are overkill. WP does a great job of packaging CMS features into its core functions, meaning that a ton of awesome content is available, usually in a single line of code. Let’s take the “about the author” boxes, popular on professional […]

Scratching “From Scratch”

From openings I’ve seen and interviews I’ve been to, there seems to be something of a fixation on coding things “from scratch”. It’s as if hiring managers had stumbled across a WYSIWYG one day, realized that *gasp* applicants might not have written all the code in a website themselves, and issued a dictum that all […]

Tumblr Kinda Sucks

After roughly a year’s hiatus, I have an official blog again. I’ve tried this before—twice, actually—but those Tumblrs just didn’t really work out. You see, the thing with Tumblr is…it kinda sucks. I’ll admit, it has seductive elements—the themes invariably look great, post formatting is easy, the cool kids use(d) it, there’s a whole social […]

I was Googling for a way to modify the links in the Meta section of a WordPress blog, and ran across my own forum answer from almost a year ago—and it answered my question. I’m pretty psyched about the fact that it’s still useful, and that two other people were like “Awesome! Thanks for the help.” Not as psyched that it didn’t help the guy who originally had questions about it, but it’s pretty clear he was over his head.

Whoa, meta

Didn’t go so well?

soupsoup: john: “When the event ended, I watched everyone stumble out of Housing Works toward the af

soupsoup: john: “When the event ended, I watched everyone stumble out of Housing Works toward the after party, and I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, it was time for me to switch from WordPress to Tumblr. – The New Yorker: “A-Tumblring We Go” Tumblr Reads in The New Yorker. Yes it feels like […]

Just in case you were curious. And yes, it is better than this one. Not just because it’s not on Tumblr, either.

Yeah, I do have a better blog

I am officially a developer now. Better learn to program, I guess.

Aww yeah

WordPress Sidebar HTML Insertion Plugin

DOWNLOAD: HTMLInserter 1.0 Custom sidebar modification in WordPress used to be as simple as adding html to the Sidebar.php file. But with dynamic sidebars, the process is a bit more complicated. After doing some Google searching, I realized the easiest way to add links, text and images to the sidebar would be to create a […]