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Advice on Contacting Me by Phone: Don’t

I’m not sure to whom this post would be best addressed. Baby-boomers? Recruiters? Sales teams? All of the above? Since you’re calling me, let’s assume you have a landline. When I was a kid my parents had a landline, and 95-99% of the calls that came in were obnoxious wastes of time. It got so […] I bet working at The Gap is worse than my job.

I bet working at The Gap is worse than my job.

Complete Double-Laptop! What does it mean?

(it means my Parallels license hasn’t come through yet.)

GPOYW: Back-to-Work Edition

Inbox Zero

Even if it’s just my work inbox, I’m savoring it while I can. It’s worth a Nerd Merit Badge, after all.

Week of Terrifying Productivity

Liege-Bastogne-Liege Video and Internet fight “Spill, Baby, Spill” shirt Second draft on a bike kit (can’t show it yet) Giro poster (up 3 May 2010 on my cycling blog) Completed data gathering for another cycling poster Oh yes—this was in addition to my day job.

GPOYW – Incongruous work request via email begin early edition.

Both because I helped with the design and because Tumblr could use a few more blogs capable of producing more than 200 words at a time.

Please Recommend

If I had access to an expense account, this would be of infinitely more utility. That said, I don’t think a steak dinner would be an especially out-of-place appearance on an expense account. Everyone I know who has an expense account is like “bro, let’s do something expensive. I’ll just put it on the expense account”.

Expense a Steak

I just want to make charts.