Tom Champion Somerville Snow Emergency Remix

by cosmo

Probably my most productive three hours of 2009 went into this. Those with a short attention span might want to start at 1:03.

City Spokesman and local hero Tom Champion occasionally autodials all the numbers in the City of Somerville database to let citizens know that a snow emergency is going to be declared at some ungodly hour, and they need to move their motor vehicles.

Turns out, there’s also a .wav file of his message on the Somerville municipal webpage. Since he’s a government official, it’s (hopefully) public domain. Feel free to use my mix under the terms of CC-SA-NC. Commercial interests (snicker) can contact me directly.


Here’s a link a torrent file of the track (mp3, 192kbps, 4.7MB). You’ll need a BitTorrent client to download the actual mp3.

There’s also a direct link to the mp3 version, but this costs me 17 cents a gigabyte, so obviously, I prefer the torrent.

If anyone wants to do further remixing, I can provide pretty much any file format you want (.aif, FLAC, etc). Just send me an email (bottom of the page) and I’ll set something up.