Twitter unAuth – The Web Scrape API

by cosmo

Twitter has been scaling down access to its API for some time now. But last night, it turned off unauthorized API requests entirely, breaking an armada of web widgets that didn’t route users through the awkward workflow of authentication.

If you’re anything like me, you find the notion of requiring a login for data that users have made explicitly publicly-available repulsive. So a couple of months ago, I threw together a little webscraper to return data I could publish in almost the same way as their API.


Say hello to unAuth

I call the project unAuth. I had bigger plans for it, but lacked the time to put something proper together, so this GitHub repo will have to do. It requires the BeautifulSoup Python pacakge (I talked about installing it earlier), but otherwise all the dependencies ship (I’m pretty sure, anyway) with the core version of Python.