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Category: legacy bloggage

The Blogger’s Business Model, c. 2009

The Boston Garden, then and now.

Causeway Street, c. 1988 (source): Causeway Street, 2009: And the mashup: I’ll admit it: I cheated on this one. The new shot is an intersection too far east. The construction in the modern shot’s upper left is located where the elevated Green Line tracks are in the historical photo. But the chance to overlay the trolley […]

Boston’s Chinatown, then and now.

Washington and Essex, 1985: Washington and Essex, 2009: And, of course, the mashup: Last year, Beantown Bloggery ran the 1985 shot. I’ve been meaning to give it a modern companion for a while, but I don’t find myself at the particular intersection too often. I didn’t quite nail the alignment (I was shooting from memory, and […]

Tom Champion Somerville Snow Emergency Remix

Probably my most productive three hours of 2009 went into this. Those with a short attention span might want to start at 1:03. City Spokesman and local hero Tom Champion occasionally autodials all the numbers in the City of Somerville database to let citizens know that a snow emergency is going to be declared at some […]