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Twitter unAuth – The Web Scrape API

Twitter has been scaling down access to its API for some time now. But last night, it turned off unauthorized API requests entirely, breaking an armada of web widgets that didn’t route users through the awkward workflow of authentication. If you’re anything like me, you find the notion of requiring a login for data that […]

What is this I don’t even

Christmas Mass Live-Tweet 2010

(via the useful if not particularly pretty List of Tweets) * Trying to figure out a way to livetweet the Christmas Eve mass without my mother noticing.Fri Dec 24 20:02:19 +0000 2010 from Cosmo Catalano( * After a rushed exit, arrived at St. Pat’s. Knave at 15% capacity. Mass begins at 4:30, but mom’s paranoid about not getting […]

Because there seemed to be some doubt about my ability to build web apps.

Twixcuse – Tweetable Excuses

Social Media and the Hegemony of The Big Number

One of the great advantages conferred by the online environment is the ability to analyze your user base to the point of stalking. Frankly, with the depth web analytics offer, I’m a little surprised Nielson’s ham-fisted sampling techniques still pass as respected data by comparison. At the same time, the absolute specificity of web analytics is […]

(via youmightfindyourself) “…lest ye be Twittered?” Doesn’t sound so bad. Ce

Close enough. I’m declaring win.

Close enough. I’m declaring win.

soupsoup: Gmail vs Facebook vs Twitter This isn’t all that meaningful when you consider Gmail

(via soupsoup) [someone’s text—lost in the reblogs—about no API hits making this chart meaning

Flash widget disabled

twitterstatus: We’ve been notified about a vulnerability in our Flash widget and out of an abundance of caution we’ve disabled access as we assess the situation. Please note that the javascript widgets are unaffected and are a good alternative for those of you who had been using the Flash version. A VULNERABILITY REALTED TO FLASH?! […]